This blog is for people with open minds to music, photography, clothing, and just general love for exploration of different views of people’s interests. Each week there will be a “Featured Artist” post, about a band that I find simply fascinating and amazing. I will also post inspiring pictures, as well as things that are profound. Please feel free to leave comments as you wish (preferably nice ones) and don’t be afraid to share your own thoughts with me as well. I am always open to new bands, new websites, and of course new quotes.

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  1. Hi thatlittleartsyblog!!!!!!

    I love this blog soooooo much I can’t even describe it!!! when are you going to update it again? I hope it’s soon! I love the inspiring quote/picture combo thingies…. they are soo original!! Did you make them yourself? I love themmm!!!! Anyway, I also enjoyed listening to the Big Pink- they rock!

  2. thanks for liking my post at I have a favorite beach too. Check out the landscape secttion on my blog and click on beaches. I grew up near the Gulf of Mexico and went to the beach every chance that I got. I love just sitting on the beach listening to the waves and the seagulls.

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